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Mytilenean debate summary

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mytilenean debate summary

My world war will be much bigger when compared with yours

Thucydides Publication 3

1   Third year or so regarding war; Peloponnesian invasion associated with Attica (428 BCE) 2-6   Revolt from Mytilene
       Athenian adventure to Lesbos
7    (Athenian trip to help you Acarnania: basically no outcomes, fatality involving Asopius, kid about Phormio)
8-19       Alliance approximately Mytilene plus the Peloponnesians
9-14           Mitylenian's special message with Olympia
15           Lesbos brings together Peloponnesian League; new intrusion with Attica
16       Athenian counter-measures; Spartan replacement plan
17           Size plus outlay regarding Athenian fleet
18-19       Mitylene blockaded
           Athenian money-raising endeavors

20-24   Blockade for Plataea (beginning in Spartan involvement throughout duress from 2.71-78)
       Plataeans size the particular divider along with escape

25-35   Revolt regarding Mytilene
25       Spartan Salaethus about assignment to make sure you Mitylene
           End regarding year or so 4
26       Peloponnesian attack from Attica
27-29       Capitulation regarding Mitylenians (427 BCE): apart associated with cuisine, gradual Spartan response
           Speech involving Teutiaplus of Hong kong taiwan towards the Spartans
30-33       Alcidas in addition to a Peloponnesian fleet
           Alcidas journal posts for loved ones violence several bits of wonderful advice
        quiz concerning reports for confederation  Alcidas' treatment connected with neutrals
           Alcidas escapes Athenian navy, brain home
34       Athenian Paches' treachery during Colophon
35       Paches earnings towards Mytilene and additionally mytilenean discourse in summary arrangements

35-50   Mytilenean Debate
37-40       Cleon's speech
41-48       Diodotus' speech
49-50       Diodotus' barrister prevails: political election, answer, dispositions

51    (Nicias fortifies Minoa [near Megara])

52-68   Blockade for Plataea
52       Surrender connected with Plataea
53-59       Speech involving your Plataeans
61-67       Speech about the actual Thebans
68       Extinction for Plataea: executions, frame of mind from all the territory

69    (Transition right from Peloponnesian fleet's flight journey from Mytilene to be able to input throughout Corcyra)

70-85   Stasis during Corcyra
70-75       Background from battling throughout Epidamnus; Athenian treatment using Nicostratus
76-80       Alcidas, Brasidas, not to mention Peloponnesian navy arrive
77-78           Sea battle
79-80           Peloponnesian lack of exercise and even retreat
81       Democrats on Corcyra tough enemies even though Athenian Eurymedon consumes harbor
82-84       On stasis within general
85       Eurymedon departs; recreation for exiles (see 4.46-48 to get that outcome)

86-90   Athens as well as Sicily
86-88       Athenian squadron with Laches sails intended for Sicily in order to aid Leontini
87        [Plague comes back so that you can Athens (427 BCE) Earthquakes together with innundations (426 BCE) ]
88       Devastation yet simply no conquest involving destinations in the proximity of Sicily
           End connected with month 5
89        (No Peloponnesian intrusion about Attica owed article healthcare professional affected person relationship earthquake
           On earthquakes as well as tidal waves)
90       In Sicily: inside strife and Athenian operations; cave in for Messina so that you can Athens

91-98   Athenian in addition to Spartan treatments in home
91       Demosthenes provided over typically the Peloponnesus and also Nicias posted towards Melos (unsuccessful)
            [Melos any Spartan colony]
       Nicias comes in order to Tanagra with Boeotia: Athenian victory
92-93       Spartan nest from Heraclea during Trachis along with her fate
           Faults involving Lac.

governors cause failure
94-98       Demosthenes happens around NW Greece
94           Arrival by Leucas, final choice for you to breach Aetolia
               A mytilenean disagreement summing up regarding anthropology
95-98           Defeat as well as retreat; Demosthenes continues through your area
96               Aside regarding typically the passing involving Hesiod

99   Athens along with Sicily
       Athenians beat Locrians around Sicily

100-2 Athenian plus Spartan missions at home
Spartans ship aids in order to solution Aetolia in opposition to Naupactus, which inturn Demosthenes in addition to Acarnanians defend

103   Athens not to mention Sicily
       Athenians continue being during Sicily

104    (Purification associated with Delos
       Peisistratus in addition to Polycrates
       Delian online games and additionally Homeric evidence)

105-14   Athenian as well as Spartan surgical procedures on seminar article 105-9       Eurylochus (Lac.) at Olpae
       Demosthenes not to mention allies victorious
           Peloponnesians sneak away right from their own allies
110-14   Night attack; rout from Ambraciot forces
           Treaty relating to Acarnanians together with Ambraciots
           Demosthenes will be able to in safety bring back to help Athens

115-16   Athens in addition to Sicily
  mytilenean controversy synopsis    Athenian reinforcements provided so that you can Sicily, and yet get certainly no mytilenean discourse in summary        Eruption connected with Mt.

Etna, not to mention former eruptions
       End for 12 months 6

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